ESR7 – Aleksandra Poluianova


ESR7 – Aleksandra Poluianova

Nationality : Russian
Contact :
Supervisor: Petri Ala-Laurila
Host organization: Aalto
Secondments: Sorbonne Université / Streetlab

Individual research project: Characterization of healthy and diseased mouse models from retinal circuits to visually guided behaviour


I hold a Doctor of Medicine degree (2013-2019) from one of the best medical universities in the Russian Federation – Sechenov University. Throughout my education for 6 years, I was constantly engaged in research activities: during junior courses I studied issues of Immunology and Microbiology, and during senior courses – molecular problems of the retina. An active scientific position gave me a shot at participating and winning in all-Russian and international conferences, to have publications, to receive a grant and a scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation. From October 2018 to April 2019 I worked as a scientific fellow in the Angiogenesis laboratory at Harvard Medical School. During my college years, I really wanted to continue my career as a graduate student – the Entrain Vision program became an excellent way to do it. This is a great chance to study at the best universities in Europe, exchange experiences and promote scientific interest. It provides a great possibility in the development of science, and I believe that the time spent in this program will give me great opportunities in the development of neuroscience and molecular ophthalmology.