ESR11 – David Berling


ESR11 – David Berling

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Nationality : German
Contact :
Supervisor: Jan Antolik
Host organization: CUNI
Secondments: EPFL / Sorbonne université / Innovatrics

Individual research project: Simulation of prosthetic stimulation in neural substrate


Throughout my life, I have been fascinated by fundamental questions. Studying particle physics at RWTH Aachen University allowed me to explore to which depth we understand the universe today and further equipped me with the ability to develop mathematical models of processes we observe in nature. Fuelled by my broad interests, I also followed lectures in neuroscience, and increasingly got fascinated in research on the brain.
I did my master thesis in computational neuroscience in the group of Sonja Grün at INM-6, FZ Jülich. There, I investigated principles for cortical information propagation based on dynamical and anatomical constraints given in the brain.
I joined EnTrain Vision as a PhD in the group of Ján Antolík at Charles University in Prague because this gives me the unique opportunity to take part in the rapidly developing research on visual perception while contributing to fundamental technology for cortical visual prosthetics which potentially brings vision to blind patients in future.

My poster: