Summer school 3


Summer school 3

Elche, Spain – 20-24 March 2023
Focus: Communication

The third enTRAIN Vision Summer School and Consortium meeting took place in Spain and incorporated both theoretical lectures, workshop and hands-on practice, and training on transferable skills.

Part I
Venue: Elche

Communication with the media
Angeles Gallar, Elena Garrido

Hands-on sessions and lab visit
Biomedical Neuroengineering Group

Management, training and communication
Aurélie Pachkoff-Singh

Quickfire presentations and poster session
Julie Zhang, Cristina Soldini, Marlene Pfeffer, Krishna Dovzhik, Samuele Virgili, Dharm Singh Yadav, Andreea Elena Cojocaru, Jasnoor, Thomas Buffet, David Berling, Alfonso Rodil, Fabrizio Grani, Luca Baroni, Sandrine Hinrichs, Dorota Waclawczyk, Alireza Talebi, Roberto Morollón.

Consortium Meeting

Keynote Lecture – “Is the Brain actually divided by senses?”
Pr. Amir Amedi, Baruch Ivcher Institute for Brain, Cognition & Technology (BCT Institute), Ruth & Meir Rosenthal Brain Imaging Center (MRI)

Concert – Premiere of the concert ‘Music of the Senses’ by Eduardo Fernández
Fundación Mediterráneo

Speed dating/table discussion “PhD – What’s next?” moderated by Eduardo Fernandez
Academic research – Günther Zeck (Vienna University of Technology), Olivier Marre (Institut de la Vision)
Private sector research – Colas Authié (Streetlab), Alberto Mancebo (Biotechnology), Tamas Tompa (Femtonics)
Project management – Marine Belin-Siwiaszczyk (DIM C-Brains)
Technology transfer – Vanessa Zorrilla (UMH)
Clinical activities – Angela Bernabeu (Inscanner)
NGO – Francisco Javier Gimeno (Red Cross)
Public management- Etelvina Andreu
Scientific outreach – Janina Bąk (Janina daily)

Workshop: Communication activities (general public and schools)
Marine Belin-Siwiaszczyk (DIM C-Brains), Thomas Buffet (Institut de la Vision)

Part II
Venue: San Juan, Alicante

Data Storytelling Session
Janina Bąk, Janina daily

Lecture on Medical device and pharmaceutical regulatory aspects
Eva Martín Becerra, Complutense University of Madrid, Kinrel

Workshop on Introduction to EU funding
Aurélie Pachkoff-Singh, Institut de la Vision

Lecture on Burn-out Prevention
Anne Catherine Gay des Gombes

Pitch presentation


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