Work packages


Work packages

WP1 – Visual Restoration by Prosthesis: preclinical validation – WP leader: Tübingen University

– Reach cell resolution using photosensitive stimulating nanoparticles
– Assess the synergy of hybrid chemical/ electrical stimulations,
– Demonstrate functional efficacy of a whole diamond visual prosthesis

ESR implementing their research project in this WP: Julie Zhang, Cristina Soldini, Marlene Pfeffer

WP2 – Visual Restoration by chemical and biological photoswitches: preclinical validation – WP leader: Sorbonne Université (Institut de la Vision)

– Develop new chemical photoswitches
– Evaluate new cell targets to achieve natural ON/OFF responses
– Compare response properties to optogenetic stimulation versus electrical implants

ESR implementing their research project in this WP: Samuele Virgili, Dharm Singh Yadav, Andreea-Elena Cojocaru, Jasnoor

WP3 – From natural vision to model for artificial vision – WP leader: Miguel Hernandez University

– Develop algorithms to enhance useful visual information in an image,
– Develop bio-inspired model to encode visual information for artificial vision – Develop visual encoding schemes for prosthetic vision
– Develop models to predict the outcome of prosthetic vision

ESR implementing their research project in this WP: Sandrine Hinrichs, Fabrizio Grani, David Berling, Luca Baroni

WP4 – Visual Perception during retinal diseases in animal models and patients – WP leader: Aalto University

– Define how the visual system is evolving during the pathological process in animal models and patients.
– Propose new clinical endpoints to demonstrate a benefit for the patients in their daily life.

ESR implementing their research project in this WP:  Aleksandra Poluianova, Krishna Dovzhik, Dorota Wacławczyk, Alireza Talebi

WP5 – Training & Dissemination – WP leader: EPFL

– Training activities in excellent level
– Train well ESRs with a large carrer perspectives
– Inform general public about EnTRAIN Vision project


News & events

enTRAIN Vision Satellite Meeting 1024 768 enTRAIN VISION

enTRAIN Vision Satellite Meeting

On September 20, 2023, the final event of the enTRAIN Vision project is taking place in Eberhard Karl University of Tübingen (EKUT) in Germany. It will take place right after the European Retina Meeting (ERM)…

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Japan Neuroscience Conference 2023 1600 1200 enTRAIN VISION

Japan Neuroscience Conference 2023

From July 31st to August 5th, 2023, our ESRs went to Japan to attend the 46th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society. Our ESRs had the opportunity to meet international experts and to present…

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Thesis and paper training in Vienna 1920 2560 enTRAIN VISION

Thesis and paper training in Vienna

On June 19-21, 2023, our ESRs went to Vienna in Austria. They were welcomed by the Technical University of Vienna (TU Wien) for a special training on thesis and paper writing. More information here.

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