Summer school 2


Summer school 2

Helsinki- June 2022
Focus: Technological approaches to vision restoration

The second enTRAIN Vision Summer School and Consortium meeting took place in Finland and incorporated both theoretical lectures, hands-on practice and training on transferable skills.

Part I Workshops and networking
Venue: Vanajanlinna

Invited talk: Dr. Soile Nymark (Tampere University, Finland)
Retinal pigment epithelium in action: Electrical communication, retinal renewal and stem cell applications

Workshop – Grant writing: Prof. M. Carter Cornwall (Boston University School of Medicine, USA) & Prof. Alapakkam Sampath (Jules Stein Eye Institute, David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California Los Angeles, USA)

Keynote talk of the Summer School: Prof. Alecia K. Gross (The University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA)
The molecular consequences of retinal degenerations

Workshop – Estimating standard errors with the bootstrap:
Dr. Markku Kilpeläinen (University of Helsinki)

ESR Career after a PhD

Panel Discussion 1: Entrepreneurship
Moderator: Aarni Seppänen (Aalto University)
• Dr. Jana Buzkova (Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder at NADMED)
• Dr. Giedrius Kalesnykas (President and Chief Executive Officer at
• Dr. Teemu Turunen (Chief Scientific Officer at Maculaser)

Panel Discussion 2: Academic career path
Moderator: Aarni Seppänen (Aalto University)
• PhD Student: Silvia Cotroneo (Aalto University)
• Postdoc: Dr. Gabriel Peinado (Aalto University)
• PI: Dr. Soile Nymark (Tampere University)
• PI: Prof. Lauri Parkkonen (Aalto University)

Workshop – Statistical data analysis:
Prof. Lauri Nummenmaa (University of Turku)

Hands-on introduction 1: Jussi Tiihonen (University of Helsinki): Human psychophysics

Hands-on introduction 2 – Aarni Seppänen (Aalto University): Behavioral experiments

Lab tour at the Ala-Laurila Lab Viikki campus space, the University of Helsinki

Hands-on practice: Group lab activities (behavioral experiments, psychophysics)

Consortium Meeting

Keynote talk: Prof. E.J. Chichilnisky (Stanford University, USA)
Replicating the Neural Code: Toward a High-Fidelity Artificial Retina

Quickfire presentations and poster session


News & events

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enTRAIN Vision – Stanford University

On November 18, 2022, the enTRAIN Vision team was welcomed by Stanford University to attend the EU-US meeting on Vision restoration we co-organized.  We participated in various lectures, lab visits and poster session. More details…

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Society for Neuroscience 2022, San Diego

The 2022 edition of the Society for Neuroscience conference will be held in-person in San Diego, CA, November 12-16. SfN will also offer a sampling of the annual meeting content virtually, including the opportunity for…

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enTRAIN Vision Science communication training

A special training on science communication will take place at Charles University in Prague on October 17 & 18, 2022. Our ESRs will learn more about adapting their language to break down complex information concisely…

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