ENTRAIN-Vision brings together leading experts from all key disciplines relevant for visual restoration covering the fields of neuroscience, engineering, physiology, pathology, medicine, AAV production neuroinformatics, machine learning, and computational modeling.

The research programme focuses on the development of new innovative technologies for visual restoration at both the retinal and cortical levels. Innovation is required to generate new technologies allowing greater visual acuity with either electronic prostheses or optogenetic therapy. These technologies will first be assessed on blind rodents by functional measurements including behavioral tests to then evaluated in larger animals preparing thereby the translation to human patients. In this clinical translation, computational modeling will be performed to properly design the stimulation protocols. Finally, clinical endpoints for the validation of such innovative technologies will be defined.

The researche programme is divided in 7 workpackages:
WP1: Visual Restoration by Prosthesis: preclinical validation
> WP2: Visual Restoration by chemical and biological photoswitches: preclinical validation
> WP3: From natural vision to model for artificial vision
> WP4: Visual perception during retinal diseases in animal models and patients
> WP5: Training & Dissemination
> WP6: Managment


News & events

ESRs First meeting 1600 900 enTRAIN VISION

ESRs First meeting

  On the 1st of February, our ESR team composed of 15 young researchers met for the first time since the beginning of the project. Due to Covid-19, the meeting was held on-line but it…

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enTRAIN Vision Kick-off meeting! 430 293 enTRAIN VISION

enTRAIN Vision Kick-off meeting!

The Kick-off meeting of enTRAIN Vision will take place on 24th September 2020. Due to the COVD-19 travel and meeting restriction, the meeting will be held remotely. Supervisors, ESRs and administrative representatives of all partners…

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Extended deadline! 430 293 enTRAIN VISION

Extended deadline!

The submission deadline for ESR4, ESR5, ESR6, ESR9, ESR10, ESR13, ESR14 and ESR15 has been postponed to 29th May 2020! Apply now to join a network of leading labs in vision restoration!

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