ESR12 – Luca Baroni


ESR12 – Luca Baroni

Nationality : Italian
Contact :
Supervisor: Jan Antolik
Host organization: CUNI
Secondments: Good AI / Innovatrics / Sorbonne université

Individual research project: Optogentic encoding schemes in retina, LGN and V1


Hello! My name is Luca Baroni and I am an ESR at Jan Antolik’s computational neuroscience group at Charles University in Prague.
Before becoming part of this project, I was a physics student at the University of Milan-Bicocca and I spent some time studying artificial neural networks at Padua’s Liph-Lab. It’s here that I got in touch, for the first time, with computational neuroscience.
I am very honored to be part of the EnTrain Vision network, as I believe it’s is a great way to further my research interests.
What are the computations that underlie our perception? This fascinating question can be addressed with different approaches at various levels of abstraction.
My research aims to understand how visual information is encoded in the early stages of our visual system. The identification of this encoding scheme not only sheds some light on the above question, but, even more interestingly, can be informative for the development of vision restoration prosthesis.
A good question is: how should a prosthesis stimulate neurons in our brain to reproduce visual perception?”
To tackle this problem, I work in close collaboration with David Berling (ESR11), employing DNNs and simulating prosthetic stimulation on a large-scale spiking neural networks with high biological fidelity.