ESR3 – Sandrine Hinrichs


ESR3 – Sandrine Hinrichs

Nationality : German / French
Contact :
Supervisor: Diego Ghezzi
Host organization: EPFL
Secondments: CUNI / Streetlab
Individual research project: Use of virtual reality for a rational design of retinal prostheses


I studied Psychology at the University of Jena and the University of Göttingen, Germany. Additional work in the department of methodology deepened my passion for the use of mathematical approaches to investigate information processing in the brain. The question of how our brain is able to encode and decode information further motivated me to do a research semester in the field of sensorimotor learning at Macquarie University Sydney, Australia. In addition, I aim to dedicate research to everyday life problems and struggles. By evaluating different designs of new prostheses and, thus, by helping to restore peoples vision the project addresses current problems while investigating fundamental psychophysical questions.

My poster: