ESR4 – Dharm Singh Yadav


ESR4 – Dharm Singh Yadav

Nationality : Indian
Contact :
Supervisor: Tudor Savopol / Mihaela Moisescu
Host organization: UMFCD
Secondements: Sorbonne Université /
Individual research project: Use of optical tweezers for retinal cells separation toward transplantation and optogenetic therapy


I joined Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Mohali in 2015 under the BS-MS Dual degree program. I was a recipient of the DST inspire fellowship from 2015-2020 (Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India). I completed my post-graduation in chemistry as a major subject from IISER Mohali in 2020. During my master thesis project entitled “Beam shaping using Spatial Light Modulator,” I gained enough knowledge in theory as well as instrumentation including Ultrafast Laser, Optical tweezer, and Spatial Light Modulator along with the proficiency in data analysis using software like Matlab, Wolfram Mathematica, and Comsol. As we know that optical tweezers (OT) have emerged as an essential tool for manipulating single biological cells and performing sophisticated biophysical/biomechanical characterizations. More importantly, the future challenges of OT for these new paradigms interests me to join this project. I am very excited to be a part of an adventure that will change the face of the future. Research is constantly pushing the frontiers of knowledge, and it’s crazy to think that the theory, the process, or the discovery you make today may determine how the world is structured tomorrow.

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