ESR8 – Krishna Dovzhik


ESR8 – Krishna Dovzhik

Contact :
Supervisor: Petri Ala-Laurila
Host organization: Aalto
Secondments: IIT / Femtonics

Individual research project: From the retina to behavior: The absolute sensitivity limit of vision in healthy and diseased mouse models


I have physics and engineering backgrounds with diverse specialized and interdisciplinary research experience and a keen interest in fundamental questions and their connection to applications solving real-world problems. I’ve studied quantum physics at the University of Vienna and spent my formative years in Anton Zeilinger’s group at the Austrian Academy of Sciences ( ), working on basic quantum phenomena and their potential use in communications and biology. There we performed several collaborative projects at the interface between neuroscience and quantum optics exploring how a visual system processes quantal information created by non-classical single-photon stimulation. Through development and utilization of novel quantum technologies, this research paves the way towards an understanding of the key aspects of signal processing in vision across levels from photoreceptors to psychophysics. The Entrain VISION program, being a unique opportunity for me, allows for deepening this fundamental understanding and bridging it to new methods and applications helping to address the real-world problem of vision restoration.