ESR1 – Julie Zhang


ESR1 – Julie Zhang

Nationality : French
Contact :
Supervisor: Serge Picaud
Host organization: Sorbonne Université
Secondments: EPFL / Instead Technologies for helping people
Individual research project: Visual restoration with a whole diamond visual prosthesis


I graduated in 2018 from ESPCI Paris (FR), a French engineering school often associated with the name of Marie Curie, where I studied physics, chemistry, biology majoring in biotechnologies. The education there is built around one core spirit that never left me: research and innovation. Additionally, I hold a specialized Master in Food Technology from Wageningen University (NL), motivated by my fascination for food science and culinary delights. Across my diverse short R&D internships in eclectic scientific domains (concrete industry, biosensor fabrication, flavour industry), I came to realize that my ideal vision of science is one in which research serves a greater purpose than itself, aiming at useful and helpful applications or service for society, especially in the biomedical field and in neurosciences. Overcoming blindness is the perfect example of what research and new technologies can achieve in the 21st century and the excitement of being able to help in developing such a life-changing therapy triggered my interest for the EnTRAIN Vision project which I joined in September 2020.

My poster: