ESR2 – Samuele Virgili


ESR2 – Samuele Virgili

Nationality : Italian
Contact :
Supervisor: Olivier Marre
Host organization: Sorbonne Université
Secondments: Aalto /
Individual research project: Modeling retinal processing in normal and reactivated retina to optimize optogenetic therapy


I have studied general physics and biophysics at Sapienza University of Rome. For my master thesis project I worked in the lab of Dr. Hiroki Asari at EMBL Rome, where I discovered quantitative research in Neuroscience and in particular on the retina.
I chose the Entrain Vision project because it allows me to work in a very international and interdisciplinary environment that I believe is essential for the modern good science. It also will allow me to enter a network of high quality researchers and labs across Europe that will make me more conscious about the research in vision and about its achievements and goals.
My career goal is to extend and improve the use of mathematical modelling in Neuroscience, in order to reach a solid understanding of sensory processing.

My poster: